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You know how it’s really natural for Millennials to be up to date with the latest apps, gadgets, and services that are fun and make life easier? Yeah. Well, for some of us, staying up to date with all the new technology is a lot of work. We constantly feel like we’re playing catch-up. Not only are we missing out on tools that can make our lives easier, we’re trying to stay connected and relevant in a world that no longer feels designed for us.

Bananaphone is a network of passionate, creative, technologists helping the rest of us stay savvy and connected in an increasingly technological world.


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Our Services

A little about what we do.

Gadgets Gadgets

Support for devices including iPhones, iPads, laptops, desktops, TVs, and more. Need to transfer your things from one gadget to another? We have you covered.

Apps Apps

Learn about the best apps to fit your lifestyle. Or get help with the apps you already use.

Privacy and Security Privacy and Security

Ensure that you are equipped with technology best practices and get set up with services that protect your privacy and security.

Media Media

For your favorite photos and videos, get them organized, stored, edited, printed, posted, or what have you.

Business Business

Have a small business? Grow your sales by getting online or upping your marketing game.

Assessment Assessment

Don’t know what you don’t know? Start with a technology 101 conversation hear about what is possible from “the internet of things” to “bitcoin” and everything in between.